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Artemis Infinity was formed by a team of specialists with decades of software architecture, data, engineering, product, creative marketing, and operations experience. Not satisfied with the typical pace of bringing products to market, we've harnessed strategy with proven processes to accelerate growth.

Leadership team

Glenn Haddock
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn is a Technology and Operations executive experienced in building high-performing teams, delivering products and innovations across several sectors in Private Equity and privately owned businesses. He has a renowned ability to identify significant innovation and optimization opportunities to improve business performance while successfully developing exceptional organizational cultures.


Barney Collins

Founder of the Bateman Collins Group of businesses, Barney is credited with transforming the Executive Search market in Financial and Consumer services, driving success rates above 98% with a unique focus on cultural alignment in addition to capability. Operating across the UK, US and APAC, his extensive background working with senior leaders and executive teams provides a unique opportunity for Artemis Infinity to transfer the breadth and depth of insight and understanding of wide strategic objectives to our client solutions.

Andy Phillips
Chief Customer Officer

An experienced Financial Services consultant, Andy provides trusted and award winning expertise to UK Banks and Building Societies across Risk, Conduct, Transformation and Operations. Over a fifteen year period, Andy has lead both large and specialist teams, in addition to leading critical regulatory programmes in five FCA enforcement actions. As Chief Customer Officer, Andy brings a depth of industry knowledge and real world client understanding to the Artemis Infinity team, helping develop products which meet the true needs and challenges of our clients.


David Searle
Chief Commercial and Product Officer

David is a former Financial Services Managing Director of the Automobile Association, the UK's largest roadside assistance organization, serving more than 4M customers. He is a renowned expert in successfully launching and scaling ventures in both Private Equity and listed businesses. He develops customer focused strategies, commercial models and delivers the products and processes required to exceed business objectives.

David Koetke
Chief Marketing Officer

David is a seasoned Creative Marketing executive with a proven record of commercial successes in highly regulated environments within globally recognized fintech and retail brands. His ability to exceed business objectives through data-driven, user-centric design and customer orientated marketing strategies and communications has led to significant business impact to organizations in both the US and the UK.


John Carroll
Chief Technology Officer

John is an expert in the creation of high-volume cloud systems and the services that access them. While at Microsoft, John helped build the system underpinning AT&T’s U-Verse cable service. As Chief Software Architect for a UK-based Financial Services organization, John designed and led the development of all key technology components, including payment systems processing over $1B.

Zoe Evans
Chief Financial Officer

An experienced Director responsible for the success of several multi-million firms in the UK. Zoe began her career in a legal capacity with the UK Home Office prior to embarking on a career in financial and consumer services where she has held responsibility for Support functions including Finance, IT, Recruitment, Legal and HR across a number of firms and now leads the Artemis Infinity Finance and Back Office functions ensuring that internal stakeholders are best supported to enable external stakeholder value and optimal service.


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